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Online Monitoring Installation Services

ETMI can assist in the specification installation and configuration of Doble online monitoring systems. We can also provide turn-key upgrade services from legacy to modern technologies.

We are certified in the setup for the following system:

  1. Doble IDD
  2. Doble – Morgan Schaffer Calisto Systems
  3. Doble Partial Discharge Sensors
  4. Doble PD Guard Systems

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ETMI can install and maintain Doble’s IDD, Intelligent Diagnostic Device for Bushings and CTs.

This revolutionary online diagnostic package will continually monitor bushings and CTs. The IDD with its field-proven embedded expert system will detect abnormalities in the insulation system and when appropriate, will issue alerts. The IDD will display alerts locally and remotely. These IDDs will keep asset managers informed of the status of their bushings, providing them lead-time to determine the appropriate corrective action.

ETMI installs IDD system on 3-phase Autotransformer. This unit is an existing 230/115kV 150MVA with a tertiary. The system is designed to monitor its (9) bushings. A Doble domino was installed for moisture and oil temperature monitoring. A GE Hydran 201Ti sensor is used for hydrogen gas detection. SCADA contact indication and dial tone was incorporated for remote access.